Why RE/MAX Professionals

Why RE/MAX? Why Professionals?

My mentor used to say, “If you want to get into commissioned sales you will only have to work half a day and, you get to pick which twelve hours.” He meant it in jest but I know that nothing good ever happens without hard work. My father taught us at an early age that there was dignity in work no matter what it was.

When my mentor, my ally, my teacher, sadly passed away from cancer and the business that he created was purchased by an international company things changed. Unfortunately for me the new company was not in alignment with my work ethic. I started my own print broker company and for six years I enjoyed limited success. But, by then the print industry was facing a substantial decline due to the economy and the fact that computers had made a deep cut into the printing needs of consumers and companies. The business had become a commodity business not a relationship business. When my biggest client took their business inside, it was time to look elsewhere.

So, I began a quest to find a field that would allow me to utilize my love of relationship selling and at the same time allow me to make a difference not just make a sale. Real Estate seemed to fit the bill perfectly! My friends all told me that I must be crazy! Real Estate, really, seriously?! They said I should get into a business with my sales background that would make lots of money. I guess I felt that I was at a place that the choices I had made had given me a good living for many years, however recently, they had not served me as well as I had hoped. What I came to realize is that you will never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice. Real Estate it was going to be!

When I found out that my friend, Nate Martinez owned a real estate company, and then by complete accident while on vacation, I met Frank Russo his partner, I knew the stars were trying to tell me something. But I didn’t realize at the time what a home run I had hit by joining RE/MAX Professionals.

My first sale was an incredible confirmation that I had made the right choice. My broker thought it would be a good idea for me to attend an auction to get the experience. I got there early and was at the coffee machines pouring a cup when I noticed an elderly, foreign looking gentleman struggling with the machine next to me. The machine was empty so I offered him my coffee and he thanked me in broken English and left. While I was watching the very quick pace of the auction, from the back row, a young man tapped my shoulder and asked if I was an agent and could he talk to me in the hallway. When we were outside he told me that he was the son of the man I offered the coffee to and his father was very touched that I would do that for him and he wanted to thank me. He said they were there to buy a home for his sister. After introductions and many questions we determined that the auction was probably not the best course for them.

We met at my office and after some searches and showings, we were able to find the ideal home for his sister!  After they were settled in their new home they actually invited me to their first Sunday dinner! I was so touched that I accepted gladly. I found out then that they were from Iran. The son had a successful car dealership in LA and the rest of the family was starting a new life in America after most of their family had been tortured or killed by their own government! I must tell you that I was so grateful to have met them and so very many things were put into perspective for me.

Two things happened to me that day. I realized how lucky I was to be able to choose what I wanted to do with my life, and that what I wanted to do was to help people get their share of the American dream of home ownership. We all know that if Real Estate was that easy, everyone would do it. That said, in all the years I was in print/publishing sales I never received the fulfillment, satisfaction and the gratitude I have felt from my clients in the Real Estate business in the few years that I have been an Agent/Realtor.

-  Nate Martinez 


Owner/Agent/Team Lead




"There are some sacrifices to be made to be sure and not everything has been painless. But that said, I will do whatever is necessary to insure that I stay in this business! I have heard that if you just move forward, fate, karma, the force, whatever it is called, will help you find a way to make it happen! RE/MAX Professionals has allowed me to grow, to be part of something that is greater than myself and maybe most importantly to be able to help other people make their dreams come true. Thank you Frank, thank you Nate for helping me find my place.” – Sam Estrada, CDPE, CIAS

“There are many reasons I have chosen RE/MAX. Brand name recognition, national marketing, leads, national leadership in real estate, market share. But the two main reasons for my affiliation with RE/MAX are the environment of creating my own successful business and the value provided do it. RE/MAX wants to see you succeed in real estate by inspiring innovation. They always highlight what people are doing different. Being with the market leader pays for itself.” – Joe Bourland, ABR, CRS, QSC, CDPE, SFR

 “Why RE/MAX? This organization stands above the rest….all of the rest! The education, support and the recognition of the brand the company is the perfect fit. I am a professional and would never consider another company.” – Barb Henderson, Associate Broker, ABR, CRS, GRI, CDPE, CNE, CSSN, MSSC

“The reason I came over to RE/MAX was for the name recognition. RE/MAX is known worldwide and with that in mind, I wanted to work with the best. I made the move to RE/MAX Professionals, formally RE/MAX Integrity, for the professionalism, knowledge, backing and integrity. Frank Russo and Nate Martinez have met all those expectations and more. Thank you for all you do!”